Leukemia Symptoms that Can Not Be Ignored

Roseous.comIn a television show, Denada could not help crying when he told what his daughter, Shakira Aurum, was only 5 years old. Shakira was sentenced to have blood cancer or leukemia and had to undergo treatment at one hospital in Singapore.

Leukemia is a disease that attacks blood cells and also the spinal cord. Leukemia comes from the Greek language, leukos which means white and aima which means blood. Leukemia is a type of cancer that does not form tumor masses but fills blood vessels and disrupts normal blood cell function. Leukemia attacks many children. Even a third of deaths under 15 years of age are caused by leukemia. Most children suffering from leukemia are only known after entering the advanced stage.

Leukemia Symptoms that Can Not Be Ignored
Leukemia Symptoms that Can Not Be Ignored
Until now, there is no known exact cause of leukemia. Some say that the mother's habits during pregnancy, such as smoking, drinking coffee and exposure to chemicals increase the risk of leukemia. Whatever the cause, knowing early on the symptoms of leukemia in children are the main because it can increase the chances of child recovery.

Here are the initial symptoms of leukemia that you need to pay attention to:

1. Often feeling tired

Children often look tired even though the activities carried out are fairly mild. This occurs because of an increase in the production of white blood cells which results in absorption of large energy from the body.

2. Weight loss

The food portion is not reduced, standard activity, but the weight continues to decrease and children's clothes are getting loose. Reduced body weight occurs because an increase in the production of white blood cells absorbs many of the body's calories.

3. Headaches

Pay attention to the frequency of headaches / dizziness in children. An abnormal increase in the production of white blood cells is likely to seep into the central nervous system, causing headaches and dizziness.

4. Nosebleed

Nosebleeds and bruises are a sign that should not be ignored because it is a common symptom of leukemia. In addition, red spots appear on the body, which are common symptoms of leukemia associated with the spleen and swelling of the liver.

5. Pale face

Increased production of abnormal white blood cells urges red blood cells, thus making the face and body of a child such as lack of blood.

6. Lumps appear

Check the child's lymph nodes. Usually the doctor will do an examination under the armpit or upper throat to feel a lump or some kind of swelling. Swollen lymph symptoms are symptoms of leukemia.

7. Infection does not heal

Has the child ever received a mild infection but has not recovered? Although the body continues to produce white blood cells as antibodies, white blood cells produced from the body of a person affected by leukemia are imperfect and cannot protect the child's body

8. Lump in the spleen

Check the spleen of the child by lying on the bed, place the palm of your hand on the left abdomen, under the rib cage. Feel whether there are small lumps there. This includes symptoms of leukemia.

9. Sweating often

Night sweats accompanied by pain in the bones and stomach nausea / bloating are symptoms of leukemia. The symptoms are similar to typhus symptoms, but if other signs are found, consult a doctor immediately.
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