Menstrual Myths and Facts

Roseous.comThe menstrual cycle or menstruation in women still invites some myths that are the subject of conversation. In fact, there are still, especially among men, who think that women will run out of blood every month.

Menstrual Myths and Facts

Here are 5 myths and facts about menstruation:

Myth # 1: Menstruation dates are always the same every month.

First of all, it is important to understand that a woman's menstrual cycle will not be the same as other women. Menstrual cycle is the entire time from one period to the next. Although it is widely circulated that a woman's menstrual cycle is 28 days long, it is only a mean number. There are several menstrual cycles that are long, from 29 to 35 days, and others can be shorter. Situations, fluctuations in weight, emotions, and drugs can all affect the cycle. You could say the period of arrival of each woman is unique to each individual.

Myth # 2: Menstrual pain / pain every month is always the same and repetitive.

The pain experienced during menstruation is real. Not only headaches, some of us have to skip work due to stomach cramps, and can only curl up on the bed. This condition even has a medical name: dysmenorrhea. About 20 percent of women experience dysmenorrhea that is severe enough to interfere with the activities of daily life. Loss of concentration, feeling anxious, and unpleasant pain can be different from each other.

Myth # 3: Being mellow and emotional during PMS.

There are physical changes that occur when PMS. In the days leading up to the woman's initial period, her estrogen level decreases, while her progesterone level rises sharply. Estrogens are linked to serotonin, "happy hormone," and progesterone is linked to parts of the brain that cause fear, anxiety, and depression. Mood changes caused by hormones must occur.

Myth # 4: Hormones define women

Speaking of hormones, women have been accused of being "hormonal creatures" for a long time. Men have even created a disease they call (hysteria) to explain women's behavior. In fact, actually, even men have hormones. Look at the research on male contraception, which was stopped because participants could not handle the side effects of acne, injection pain, and emotional disturbances, which are also side effects that are sometimes experienced by women when controlling birth.

Myth # 5: Menstrual blood coming out is dirty blood

Menstrual blood is the way the body removes toxins. Think of it as an evolved vaginal secretion - there is little blood, uterine tissue, mucus lining, and bacteria. The type of blood that comes out is very different from the blood flowing in the blood vessels. Mens blood has fewer blood cells.
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