More Beautiful After Knowing How to Overcome Dry Lips

Roseous.comNot only beautiful hair and skin, lips are also a factor that makes women look healthy and beautiful. Lips that are dry and cracked, besides disturbing appearance, can also be a sign of health problems, such as dehydration, lip irritation, and malnutrition. How to deal with dry lips needs to be done with internal and external care.

Lip skin has no protection against UV light, changes in temperature, wind, and the influence of AC. Because unlike other skin parts, lip skin does not have melanin, which is a skin coloring pigment as well as a skin protector. Lip skin also does not have glands that can produce natural lubricants to moisturize the skin. Therefore, in order to maintain the health of the lips, you need to know some ways to overcome dry lips and what causes them.
More Beautiful After Knowing How to Overcome Dry Lips
More Beautiful After Knowing How to Overcome Dry Lips
Avoid Causes of Dry Lips

Dry lips are caused by various factors, both habits and environmental factors. The causes of dry lips include:

  • Lick lips

When you dry your lips, you may unconsciously lick your lips with the intention to wet them so they don't dry out. In fact, this habit makes the lips drier, because saliva that is constantly applied to the lips will actually eliminate the natural moisture of the lips.

  • Use of lipstick

A matte (not glossy) type of lipstick is on the rise lately. But do you know? Apparently, this matte lipstick actually makes the lips dry. Not only matte lipstick, lipstick that promises long-lasting color can also make lips dry and cracked.

  • Sunlight

It turns out that not only your body's skin must be protected from the sun, but also your lips. UV light can also make the lips dry, sunburned, cracked, and flaking.

  • Use of lip balm with flavor

The lips can't really moisturize themselves. However, applying moisturizer with flavor just triggers the lips to dry out. This is because the lip balm that has a taste can stimulate you to repeatedly lick your lips. Finally, the lips become dry and cracked.

  • Irritating chemicals

Some people can experience dry lips when exposed to irritating chemicals. Irritation can make the skin of the lips damaged and inflamed so that the lips become dry. These ingredients are commonly found in dyes, perfumes, or hard-based soaps.

  • Under treatment

Treatment or consumption of certain supplements can trigger dry lips, including vitamin A, retinoids, lithium (commonly used to treat bipolar), and cancer drugs.
In addition to the above, certain medical conditions or conditions can also cause dry lips. Some medical conditions that can make dry lips are dehydration, lack of nutrients such as lack of iron and vitamin B, infections, autoimmune conditions, and allergies.

Before entering into the main discussion, namely how to overcome dry lips. Of course there is no harm in knowing in advance what are the causes of dry lips. So that after you successfully overcome dry lips, you can avoid some of the things below that can make lips dry.

How to Overcome Dry Lips

Naturally, every cell has the ability to regenerate and repair itself, including the skin of the lips that will peel in time. Broken lips sometimes make a person tempted to peel, but avoid this. Exfoliating the skin of the lips that hasn't really died will only make the lips feel sore and hurt. Let the skin of your lips replace the dead skin cells by itself.

In addition, do the following dry lips:

  • Drink enough water and eat nutritious foods

It is common knowledge that drinking enough water is very good for body health, including for the lips. Dehydration and malnutrition can cause lips to become dry and cracked. Fulfill fluid needs so this doesn't happen. Do not miss, complete your nutritional needs by eating a balanced nutritious food, and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.

  • Use lip balm

The lips do not have oil glands, so they cannot moisturize themselves. Therefore, it is important to use lip balm every day. You can use a lip balm that is made from petroleum or beeswax that can keep your lips moist. Another option is to apply cocoa butter, olive oil, or coconut oil. Apply every day and before going to bed.

  • Use sun visor

The lips do not have a protector to protect them from the sun. Apply lipstick or lip balm that contains SPF, to prevent chapped lips due to sun exposure.

  • Keep the air moist

Dry air is one of the causes of dry lips. If the air around you feels dry causing dry skin and lips, you can try using an air humidifier or humidifier to keep the air moist.
How to deal with dry lips can be started by stopping the habit of licking lips, routinely using lip balm, and drinking enough water. But if dry and cracked lips don't get better after treatment, consult with a dermatologist.
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