Nutrient content in bananas

Nutrient content in bananas for the body and health and the benefits contained in that provide nutrusi for the body

Bananas that are rich in nutrients such as protein and potassium contained in bananas are equivalent to 100 grams with high enough fiber.

Banana fruit that we often encounter everyday can even be said to be a staple for humans because of its closeness to humans that is often encountered at the dining table or in the fields and markets or shops, minimarkets and supermarkets

Here are the contents stored in bananas :
  • carbohydrate 24 Grams
  • vitamin C 11% 
  • vitamin B6 33%
  • copper 10%
  • manganese 14%
  • fiber 3,1 Grams
  • protein 1,3 Grams
  • magnesium 8%
  • potassium 9%
  • and fat 0,4 Grams

Apart from so much content, bananas also have benefits for humans.
Here's a list of the benefits of bananas :
  • Stabilize blood sugar levels
  • Role in heart health from the potassium content contained in bananas that can control blood pressure and in "research into human needs for potassium consumed has a 28% lower risk of heart disease"
  • Reducing the risk of cancer from the content of Antioxidants which bananas have and according to experts also these bananas which contain the most antioxidants among other fruits
  • Increases insulin sensitivity resistance can reach 50%

The following benefits and content of bananas can give an impression of health for you
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