Stomach Cramps When Pregnant: Recognize the Causes and How to Overcome It - Some pregnant women have experienced abdominal cramps. Abdominal cramps during pregnancy are actually normal. However, stomach cramps when pregnant when followed by other symptoms, should be wary of because it can endanger the womb.

Along with the development of the fetus and enlarged uterus, various changes occur in the body of pregnant women, one of which is abdominal cramps. Many mothers who are worried about abdominal cramps during pregnancy indicate a dangerous condition such as miscarriage, whereas stomach cramps during pregnancy are normal.

Description:  Stomach Cramps When Pregnant: Recognize the Causes and How to Overcome It
 Stomach Cramps When Pregnant: Recognize the Causes and How to Overcome It
Causes of Stomach Cramps When Pregnant

Some common causes of abdominal cramps during pregnancy include:

  • Change in uterine size

When pregnant, the development of the fetus in the womb will make the size of the uterus more enlarged with increasing gestational age. To support the development of the uterus, connective tissue or ligaments that connect the pelvic bone and uterus will stretch so that the uterus feels tight.

  • Pressure on muscles, joints and blood vessels

Pregnant women automatically feel increased pressure on the muscles, joints and blood vessels. This often triggers pain especially when coughing or physical activity.

  • Position of the uterus

Cramps on one or two sides of the abdomen are usually felt especially when moving. As the fetus grows, the uterus tends to tilt right or left. The ligament that supports the side of the uterus can become tight or contract. This allows you to feel cramps more often in the stomach while pregnant.

  • Excessive gas in the stomach

The increase in the hormone progesterone causes the digestive tract wall muscles to relax and more slowly digest food. When food is longer in the large intestine, more gas is produced. Sometimes the gas is not only felt in the stomach, but can also spread on the back and chest.

  • After making love

Have making love and orgasm can cause stomach cramps during pregnancy, which is often followed by mild lumbago. This occurs because the vagina and uterus experience a throbbing sensation during orgasm and can leave a feeling of abdominal cramps afterwards.

Relieve Discomfort during Stomach Cramps

Although classified as normal, abdominal cramps during pregnancy can cause discomfort. To help overcome this, there are several things that can be done:
  • Avoid sudden movements when stomach cramps hit, bend your body towards the source of pain to help relieve pain. Don't forget, drink enough water, because dehydration can trigger false contractions (Braxton hicks).
  • If the pain is due to excess gas in the gastrointestinal tract, try to move the body or do light exercise. Then, end with a warm shower. Avoid consumption of foods and beverages that produce excess gas, such as nuts, cabbage, and soft drinks.
  • If stomach cramps during pregnancy occur after making love, try to gently massage your back. Next, do soft and slow making love.
  • Abdominal cramps during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester, can be caused by false contractions. If this happens, lie down to relieve pain. If the pain feels on the left side, lie to the right or vice versa. Then position the foot higher than the head position, for example by using a pillow as a prop.
  • Try to stay relaxed and not panic when feeling stomach cramps.

Stomach cramps that need to be watched out

Although it usually does not indicate a dangerous condition, does not mean stomach cramps during pregnancy should always be considered trivial. Some symptoms that accompany abdominal cramps should be watched out, such as pain during urination, abdominal cramps feel very heavy and do not disappear, discharge, spots or blood from the vagina, vomiting, fever, and chills. Abdominal cramps accompanied by these signs are conditions that need to immediately get an examination and treatment from a doctor.

Abdominal pain during pregnancy may also not be related to pregnancy. For example abdominal cramps during pregnancy due to kidney stones, ovarian cysts, appendicitis, or urinary tract infections. If abdominal cramps during pregnancy are accompanied by unusual or severe symptoms, immediately consult an obstetrician or seek medical attention.

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